Nowadays, there are distractions everywhere. If you want to succeed, you might have to cut off your willingness to engage in every activity. It’s difficult, however. Executives, for instance, seem accessible at any moment via social media. Leaders have to prioritize different aspects of their business. For instance, they have to consider their teams too. Leaders have to be at the events, conferences, meetings and likewise remain in the public eye. Some people expect panels, speeches and blog posts. Then, next to them, you have the investors that want updates at all times. When it comes to entrepreneurship, learning to manage time and distractions is imperative.

Sometimes, distractions can stop a business leader from living up to his or her true potential. You can look at activities as if they were a funnel. Every new opportunity ends up at the top end of the funnel. This means that it may or may not happen. You want to have interesting and new opportunities on your funnel, but you need to pay close attention to the bottom of the funnel.

The idea is that an entrepreneurship focus on the obligations at the bottom of the funnel. If you are meeting with too many clients, you may never be able to close with one at the end. If you need to hire someone new but you’re too busy talking to candidates and not narrowing any down, then it’s not going to be productive. You will feel like time ends up wasted. The truth is that with all of the different tasks, it’s easy to get distracted with what might not matter in the long run.

For you to succeed, an executive needs to be tenacious when it comes to critical aspects of the business. He or she may have to linger on obsessive to ensure that the most important tasks are completed. Sometimes you need to be able to disengage from less important activities and focus on the most important.

When it comes to executives being successful, it’s important to be proactive, to have an end in mind and to put everything that’s important first. Don’t think too hard on the unimportant tasks right away. Entrepreneurship needs people who don’t end up distracted with something shiny, new and unimportant. The important part is that you close more tasks than you start. If you’re someone who is always starting something new, you need to learn to start fewer things so that you can finish them.