You don’t need to make huge changes to your routine to be more productive. Sometimes, making a few small adaptations to your day can really make a difference. Here are some productivity tips that can add time to your schedule or help you stay focused to get more done.

Make Your Phone Work For You

Use the “do not disturb” function on your phone when you’re trying to focus on a project. You may not be able to silence your phone every day but turn off notifications on apps that distract you. Do install apps that help you track mileage and expenses to make things easier during tax season.

Close Unnecessary Tabs When Working

Browser tabs are a distraction. Close them when you’re trying to focus on a particular task. You can always track them down in your history.

Prepare for What’s Next

Before you take a break, set up your desk for your next task. Open the browser tabs, grab any written documents and leave it on your desk while you relax. Your break should refuel you. When you sit down, you’re ready to perform.

Make Small Decisions Quickly

Choosing where to eat or what to wear should be simple decisions that don’t take a lot of time. Make the decision in 60 seconds or less. Then, move on. Don’t waste time on self-judgment or worry. Focus on the decisions that really matter.

Change the Settings in Apps You Use

Figure out the tools you use the most and switch the settings to update the color scheme to something that you prefer. Red hues are thought to boost alertness. Blues create calmness. Greens can stimulate creativity. Colors affect your mood, but if the background is pleasant, you’ll enjoy interacting with the interface even more.

One more caveat, don’t try to implement all of these productivity tips at once. Try each one for a few days to see if it helps. All Things Commercial Capital offers financing for small businesses. Call us for more information.