Never Second Guess Your Purchasing Decisions Again

Purchase order financing is a short-term financing solution we offer that provides capital to pay suppliers upfront for verified purchase orders. Businesses avoid depleting cash reserves or declining an order because of cash flow challenges. It allows companies to accept unusually large orders if they cannot afford to buy all the merchandise needed to fulfill their customer’s order. Once the customer pays you, All Things Commercial Capital will collect the money owed to us from that payment.

The Benefits

Our purchase order program gives companies the opportunity to grow their businesses. Whether your business has poor cash flow, little access to capital, or you are just starting up your operations, we can help. This is a simple arrangement that offers you many advantages including:

·       Fast and flexible source of funding

·       Fulfill large orders to grow your business faster, increase market share and profits

·       Expand your business without taking on additional bank debt

·       Expand your business without selling your equity

·       Ensures timely delivery to your customers

There are many businesses that can benefit from this type of financing. If you are a reseller, producer, distributor or wholesaler you can utilize purchase order financing. Whether a startup or an established business, we’ll listen to your story and work to meet your needs. Traditional lenders are bound by government regulations. Loan requirements typically include collateral and 3 years of financials. Don’t forget, they’ll also want proof you can handle a large increase in business. However, we will fund an entrepreneur’s first transaction.

Let us help you to reach your full potential. Contact us now to get your application started.