Real Estate Financing Options From All Things Commercial Capital

Small business owners have many tools at their disposal to help them make sure their business continues to operate successfully. One of the best options business owners have is commercial real estate financing. While many may have the impression that taking out a loan may be risky, it is actually a very common and secure practice. Further, there are many different types of financing, each with their own advantages and benefits. This means it is always possible to find a financing approach that fits your exact needs and situation. At All Things Commercial Capital, we always take the time to work with you to determine which loan is best for you specifically. Your options include:

SBA 7a and 504 loans: Gain additional benefits when the Small Business Administration backs your loan. We can help you qualify for these especially appealing loans.
HUD and FHA lending options: Owners of senior housing or healthcare real estate can benefit from HUD and FHA loans.
Construction financing: Financing options are available for business owners undertaking construction projects. This applies for new owners building their first business and veteran owners building their most recent.
CMBS loans: Properties are securitized into a pool and then transferred to a trust in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities. This offers some of the most appealing types of financing available.
Traditional loans: If all you need is to borrow money and then make monthly payments, we can help you qualify for a traditional loan.
Bridge loans and hard money loans are available as well.

It is vital that you find the right kind of financing. If your loan does not match your needs, it can be difficult to pay it back or utilize the capital you receive. At All Things Commercial Capital, our team of financial experts works alongside you to figure out the best possible plan for your business. No two companies are the same, so no two financing plans should be the same.