Commercial real estate can be an exciting and profitable career path. However, achieving success in this field involves a steep learning curve, a lot of hard work and persistence, and constant marketing of yourself and your properties. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Learn the Ropes

In order to excel in the commercial real estate business, you need practical experience. As a shortcut while you are getting started, look for an established real estate agent who is willing to mentor you. Watch this expert market properties and complete deals. Consider aligning yourself with his or her brand while you establish a name and reputation on your way to building your own. Additionally, always stay on top of the industry news so you are aware of the latest changes in zoning restrictions, marketing tools, and other important developments.

Set Reasonable Goals

Although you may picture elegant skyscrapers and immense office developments when you think of commercial real estate, you may have to start with something less flamboyant. Be prepared to handle transactions dealing with modest retail buildings, small industrial properties, farms, and even vacant lots while you establish your reputation. You also have to be willing to work long and irregular hours, tempering your schedule to conform to the availability of your clients.

Engage in Marketing

When you’re involved in commercial real estate, the first item you need to sell is yourself. Your potential clients need to look to you as a trusted advisor. To showcase your expertise, establish a presence on social media networks, build a website with helpful blog articles, and attend local networking events where you can meet investors, lenders, and business owners. Build a list of contacts to whom you can send emails to market your properties. Additionally, advertise your properties on your blog using dynamic high quality videos.

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