Managing a workforce is both satisfying and stressful. You now have to consider the happiness of a multitude of people. Considering that production suffers when the staff is unsatisfied, developing a positive corporate culture may be what is needed to keep your business on the best track. Keeping the team positive keeps them dedicated and loyal – a win-win for all involved. Check out these seven ways you can keep your workers happy.

1. Win Monthly Lunches

To encourage comradery between departments, start a monthly drawing to take a group out to an upscale restaurant for lunch. Start a challenge within the company for additional entries into the drawing, such as reaching specific goals and achievements.

2. Encourage Time Away

Give your employees something to get excited about and revamp your vacation-day policy. Grant extra time so people can go on more adventurous or far-reaching trips. Sign them up for rewards or give them cash incentives to take a physical and mental break.

3. Offer Spa Services

Every month, offer a select group the opportunity to get a day of pampering. Much like the lunch idea, make it a reward for top categories such as sales leaders or collections leaders. It encourages people to reach beyond their own goals to meet yours.

4. Encourage Telecommuting

Allow employees to stay home more frequently and work, or adjust their hours to be in the office half the time and spend the other half working off-site. Giving people flexibility over their schedule allows them to get things done that may otherwise be a stressor.

5. Have Meetings on the Go

Instead of droning on behind a conference room table, take it on the road. Go out to a park and enjoy the fresh air. Take a group outing to play mini golf or work out of an escape room. Keeping things exciting is one way to keep your people happy.

6. Applaud a Job Well-Done

When a worker does something extraordinary, let the entire company know. Too often, people surpass goals or go above and beyond, and they never get anything but an email. Make it a show and encourage others to follow suit.

7. Listen to What Your Staff Wants

Encourage your staff to participate in this new corporate culture by holding town hall meetings or sending surveys. These can keep you in touch with what they do want and keeps you away from doing things that annoy or anger them.

Creating a positive corporate culture takes some time, dedication and a little imagination, but it can be done. Keep your eye on the long-term goals by focusing on the happiness of your staff in the here and now.