Your office environment affects your bottom line more than you might realize. A good office environment impacts your own mood and performance, and it affects your staff, customers and clients. When employees work in a bad setting, they aren’t productive, don’t provide effective customer service and aren’t motivated to work. Here are three ways you can increase your office environment.

Improve the Lighting

Natural light impacts employees’ productivity and mood. Windows and skylights can really improve the attitude in your office. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to natural light. Find alternatives, such as blue-enriched lights, that are thought to reduce fatigue. Provide pictures of nature to mimic windows.  While you’re thinking about lighting, make sure that the thermostat provides a comfortable temperature throughout the office.

Make Your Office Comfortable

Provide good work furniture that is ergonomic and comfortable. Make it easy for employees to have the right equipment and to organize their workspace effectively. Keep the office clean and organized. Make sure employees have access to break rooms to recharge. Replace outdated and worn furniture as needed. Talk to your staff about what they want in the office and what would make their job easier. Then listen.

Put Together a Great Team

Remember the old saying, “old bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.” No where is that truer than in the office. One bad attitude will really affect the entire staff. Hire good team players and don’t be afraid to get rid of those who aren’t pulling their weight or who are poisoning the team. It’s not easy to let someone go, but it can change the office environment for the better.

A good office environment doesn’t just happen. It takes planning. All Things Commercial Capital can help you find funding options that can improve your office environment. Talk to our financial specialists today.