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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Does Your Business Require a Patent Agent?

If your business invents new and useful manufactured articles, processes, designs, plants, compositions of matter, or technology, you may need a registered patent agent to help you claim ownership. Patents are an integral aspect of business law that protect your... Read More

3 Traits Successful Leaders Possess

Now, perhaps more than ever before, growing your business is all about relationships–with a foundation of proper business etiquette. Not only do you need solid relationships within the business community; winning customers today requires establishing a trust relationship. Customers care... Read More

6 Ways to Increase Working Capital Through Financing

Sometimes, even when your business is moving comfortably along and doing very well, you can suddenly encounter a cash flow crisis which brings it all to a grinding halt. Without the cash you need to carry out operations, pay your... Read More

How to Use Business Lines of Credit

Although access to cash is essential to operate a business successfully, it can also be hard to come by at times. Any number of scenarios can cause the cash crunch from customers paying late to large unplanned expenses. Since these... Read More

The Basics of Accounts Receivable Financing

At some stage in their development, most businesses require additional funding to stabilize cash flow and spur further growth. Accounts receivable financing enables you to sell your outstanding invoices or use them as collateral for loans. One of the most... Read More