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Monthly Archives: November 2018

3 Customer Service Strategies That Work

You might feel that your customer service approach is already very good, and that there’s very little room for improvement. However, if you asked your customers about that, would they agree with you? The truth is, customer service is seldom... Read More

Mastering Your Personal Work-Life Balance

It can be difficult to have a good work-life balance as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Even professionals working for a large company don’t always feel as they can manage their time between work and home well when you... Read More

Customer Retention Tactics for Growing Businesses

Statistics show that improving the customer retention rates of your small business vastly increases profit. It’s far less expensive to keep the customers you have than to acquire new ones, and satisfied customers increase awareness of your business through word... Read More

How Do I Know If A Merchant Cash Advance is Right For my Business?

Small businesses that are strapped for cash might think that the merchant cash advance (MCAs) looks like a great deal. However, consider one thing: That quick cash could really cost your business (literally). MCAs are known to carry annual percentage... Read More