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Monthly Archives: May 2018

How to Assist your Employees in Creating a Positive Work-Life Balance

The term work-life balance refers to the practice of having your employees allot blocks of time in appropriate amounts to the workplace and to family needs at home, and when a good balance is achieved, it can make your employees... Read More

Design Improvements to Craft a More Productive Office Environment

What’s one common denominator that affects almost anyone’s mood, productivity, and performance at work? Answer: their surrounding environment. Most of spend a minimum of 40 hours a week at work, and there’s a stark difference between spending those hours in... Read More

Corporate Structure Comes in Many Forms: Which is Right for your Business?

How you structure your organization will influence financial analysis and modeling and how efficiently your company achieves its goals. Careful consideration should be given to how you initially set up the functions and divisions in your company. Implementing one too... Read More

Improve your Small Business Cash Flows with Unsecured Business Lines of Credit 

One of the best ways for a small businessman to manage gaps in cash flow is to have an unsecured business line of credit available to cover those times of shortfall. However, eligibility for an unsecured business line of credit... Read More